Echo Go VS Echo Go Plus

What is the difference between Echo Go and Echo Go+?

Regarding portability, convenience, and health benefits, Echo Go and Echo Go+ are highly preferable. For health-conscious people, it is essential to understand the difference between the Echo Go and Echo Go+. First, hydrogen production varies between the two. Echo Go produces up to 0.8 – 3.0 ppm of hydrogen in its 3- or 10-minute cycle, while Echo Go+ produces up to 2.5 – 4.5 ppm of hydrogen in its 5- or 10-minute cycle.

Second, the physical features differ, as the Echo Go cannot be used while charging. On the contrary, you can use Echo Go+ while being charged. With a digital display, Echo Go+ comes with more advanced technology and does not require frequent cleaning cycles like the Echo Go.

Being human-friendly, Echo Go™ is manufactured from BPA-free plastic material, making it lighter and highly recommended for our planet’s well-being. With next-generation technology, the Echo Go+™ is a BPA-free product and free of all bisphenol elements. The superior quality of food-grade polycarbonate plastic enhances the life of bottles, reducing the waste on our planet. Like Echo Go+, Echo Go is a highly portable and long-lasting product.

Both bottles keep the capacity of 9.5 oz water. However, it is strictly prohibited to use chlorinated or tap water as unfiltered or unchlorinated water can damage the hydrogen generator’s membrane and affect the functionality of the Bio-friendly bottles.

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